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How to use our website?

Camera selection

You can choose the camera in separate windows on the left and right side of the website:

  1. according to category
  2. according to type of camera
  3. according to countries
  4. by using search

Camera Categories

Landscapes, cities – here you can find cameras showing city architecture as well as landscapes and nature; cameras which are not included in other categories
Animals – most often cameras installed in ZOO
Traffic Cams
Radio – radio stations
Restaurants, clubs
Office, home, recreations – all cameras inside the building
Lakes, rivers
Ski lifts
Other – not mentioned above

Camera Types

Static image
Static image Java
Static image, Java with camera control option
Static image Flash
Live – moving image
Live, Media player – moving image, video stream Windows Media Player, rarely Real Player
Live, Java – moving image
Live, Java – camera control option – moving image
Live, Flash – moving image

Extra options

  1. Most popular cameras top list of the most popular cameras (each camera has associated so called camera popularity gauge, which ranges from 1 Webcam popularity to 10 Webcam popularity Camera Popularity points. Points are given in accordance with rising popularity.)
  2. Highest rated cameras - top list of highest rated cameras by internet users: camera can be given from 1 to 10 stars Webcam rating. The average of all given votes is given next to each camera.
  3. Latest cameras - recently added to the website

Why does the camera not work?

When the camera does not display itself on the screen and only empty window is visible it may mean that your internet search lacks installed applets Java or Active-X. In case of display problems during turning on of cameras, often the program handling camera service asks whether the user wants applets to be installed. The most frequently used drivers of cameras will be AXIS, PANASONIC or Java

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